’Hush little one. Sleep well & comfortably.’ 

These are the thoughts that led us to design our wrap around onesies. Made from high quality bamboo fabric, they are the perfect pyjamas for babies and toddlers.

Supremely comfortable and luxuriously soft, your little one will love the feel of our bamboo fabric against their delicate skin. Bamboo is a ’super’ fabric; natural, breathable, hypo-allergenic and thermal-regulating. Rest assured that your child will never overheat from their bamboo clothing! Indeed, Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool.

Designed by two mums, our wrap around onesies are incredibly quick and easy to wear. Simply open them up, slip your baby’s feet snuggly into the trousers and snap the buttons closed.’ Ideal for keeping even the fussiest baby happy since nothing is pulled over their heads. ‘Easy peasy’ dressing. Our colours are soft to keep your baby calm and to promote sleep.

Choose between our sweet dolphin embroidered design or keep it simple and classic. Whatever you choose, rest assured that your baby will be as snug as they possibly can be. 

Our Bamboo kidz range

Luxuriously soft, these wrap around body suits in bamboo are perfect for your baby's first year. As two mothers, we have designed these adorable wrap arounds with both baby & parent in mind.

Why you will love it!

Dressing your baby couldn't be quicker or easier. Simply open the body suit, thread your baby's arms through the sleeves and snap the buttons closed. Easy peasy! Ideal for keeping your baby happy since nothing is pulled over their heads. Happy baby, happy parent.

Our wrap arounds are available in a selection of soft pastels and earthy stripes. Add matching trousers to complete this classic look.

Luxuriously soft, our baby trousers in bamboo are designed to fit snugly over nappies so that they look stylish front and back. There are no fiddly buttons or drawstrings, just a little elastic waistband to make them even more comfortable.

Bamboo is hypo-allergenic, super soft & durable and eco-friendly. ‘Bamboo is softer than organic cotton.’

What sets our design apart from the rest and makes them truly special is that they feature double layers of fabric on the front legs. Great reassurance for parents knowing that their baby’s knees are protected as they learn to crawl and take their first steps.

Stylish, great value for money and thoughtfully designed by experienced mothers.

These trousers are available in soft and solid colours which can be easily matched with more than one of our wrap around body suits.

'Sleep well & soundly precious baby!'  

This is the mantra that inspired us to create our super comfortable wrap around baby bundlers. Perfect for sleep time, our practical bundlers help parents wishing to keep their babies asleep during and after nappy changes!

Specially made for newborns to 6 months, babies will love the feel of our luxuriously soft bamboo fabric against their skin. Natural, hypo-allergenic, and eco-friendly, ‘bamboo is softer than organic cotton.’  

Designed by two mums, our baby sleep bundlers make dressing ‘easy peasy.’ Our wrap around style opens out completely. Simply thread your baby’s arms through the sleeves and snap the buttons closed. Since nothing is pulled over baby’s head, this style will keep even the fussiest dresser content.

The ultra-comfortable elasticated hem makes night time nappy changes a breeze. We have also added fold-over scratch mitts to protect your little one from scratching their delicate skin. Great reassurance for all parents but particularly with babies suffering from eczma.

Happy baby, happy parent!