Q: What is so special about bamboo? I don't understand all the hype. 

A: We like to sum it up like this: 'bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool.

Bamboo grows naturally, is sustainable & eco-friendly. It is hypo-allergenic, thermal regulating, super-soft & durable, and offers UV protection. A luxurious fabric that is perfect for babies and kids!

Q: What does 'clever clothing' really mean?

A: As busy mothers we wanted to produce clothing that was easy to put on and take off. Clothes that were not fussy & quick to wear. From our experience, this meant clothes that did not go over baby's heads (we know they hate this!) and our designs all have minimal buttons. We wanted to give our customers a little bit more for their money hence all our sizes are a wee bit bigger than most brands. 

Q: How do I care for my bamboo clothing?

A: Not only is bamboo super soft but it is super durable. Machine wash your bamboo Kidz clothing at 40 degrees. Don't worry about shrinkage. We have factored this into our sizing. 

Q: Where does your bamboo come from? 

A: We did a search across all of Asia for the highest quality bamboo for our kids clothing. This lead us to the North part of China where bamboo has been grown for decades specially for clothing.

Q: Have you tested your clothing? Are the dyes used baby safe?

A: Rest assured! As 2 mothers with young family we are obsessed with safety. Our fabrics & buttons have been meticulously tested by an independent testing company (Intertek) to ensure that they contain no harmful substances. 

Q: How do I know that your clothes are not made in sweat shops?

Our factory is based in the North of China. The minimum age of employees there is 35 years. Given that bamboo is a little more special, a little more skill is needed hence workers tend to be a little older. Employees are paid according to Chinese law. We have signed a contract (with penalties included) to ensure that our clothes are made responsibly and legally.